Christmas Tree

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bicycle_ornament.jpg robot_ornament.jpgFinally got the christmas tree up! Only 9 days before Christmas!  I started playing around with my  new Pentax 100mm Macro lens and  started shooting some of the ornaments. Here are two pics of some of my favorite ornaments.

Rachel's 22nd Birthday!

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rachel_22nd_birthday.jpgWe went over to my parents Saturday night to celebrate Rachel's 22nd Birthday.  We had a great time! Mom made Poppyseed Chicken Casserole and we had Rachel's favorite cake, yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

It was a fun night!


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Nathaniel in GlassesSurprise!  One of the best pictures of Nathaniel that has ever been taken. It captures Nathaniel's unguarded expression that is getting rarer these days (even though he's only just turning three.


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